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Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice in Blakely, PA, provides exceptional home care and health education for patients. Our dedicated staff strives to provide healing at home and health education. By teaching patients to provide self-care, we help them retain their independence at home. We are here to help you achieve the best healing experience at home because your life deserves to be in your control.

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Unparalleled Care

Hospice Care in Blakely, PA - Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice


The difficult period of one’s life doesn’t have to be dull and gray. With high-quality hospice care at our facility, we guarantee your loved ones can enjoy the rest of their days comfortably.

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 Home Care in Blakely, PA - Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice

Home Care

We provide the utmost care for our patients who require in-home care. Whether you need physical therapy or aide services, our team is proud to help in the comfort of your own home.

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Undeniable Compassion & Respect

Personal Home Healthcare and Hospice shows nothing but dedication and respect to our patients. With the value of our patients always in mind, we are able to provide excellent home and hospice care.

Our team cares deeply about each patient and ensuring their journey with us is beneficial and pleasant, whether at home or in ours. We have a 5-star Medicare rating and provide service with compassion and support.


Caring Tirelessly For Our Patients

“I have worked for this company for over five years. Being a nurse and in the medical field for 25 years, I must say our company’s care is like no other. Our patients love us!”

– Leslie K.

“Wonderful caring professionals that cared for my children’s grandparents. Amazingly knowledgeable and kind-hearted employees. Thank you.”
– Judy L.

“The staff provided loving care for both my mother and my family during Mom’s final months.”
– Beth Ann Z.

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